No more diesel-powered cars by 2025?

At the recent C40 Mayors Summit conducted from November 30 to December 2, 2016 in Mexico City the mayors of the capitals of France, Mexico, Spain and Greece have said that they are going to implement government campaign against vehicles powered with diesel engine (C40 is a network of huge cities of the world committed to solve issues of climate change). They promise to stop any usage of those cars by 2025.

The measure is directed to enhance air quality. According to the leaders, the aim might be achieved by encouraging of the citizens to buy alternative vehicles as well as motivating of the people to refuse cars in favor of walking or cycling.

Influence of diesel-powered transport on an environment is under expanded investigation during the last years due to increased worries about its effect on air quality. As per WHO research, about 3 million deaths are directly connected with air pollution.

The contribution of diesel motors to the issue is mainly expressed by two negative aspects – exhaust of solid particles and nitrogen oxide. Having penetrated into the lungs, fines of soot may cause cardiovascular disease with high risk of death. As for nitrogen oxide, it forms a layer of ozone which is very close to the ground and can result in problems with breath even for people having a healthy respiratory system.

Having obtained the proof, environmental protection groups initiated trials to make government elaborate new regulations with higher clear air standards.

Greater success in this field was achieved by UK activists who forced government bodies to implement more active measures, considering the fact that the last researches have shown a very high level of air pollution in the capital of the country. As a result, Sadiq Khan, a mayor of London, offered to expand the recent project of low emission area creation in the center of London to other areas.

The mayor also proposed to introduce fees for the vehicles which have the strongest effect on pollution.

Another useful step of Sadiq Khan is an issue of air quality alerts in the capital. The alerts have been placed at more than two thousand bus stops, at the gateways of all the underground stations and on more than 100 signs near the major roads leading into the city with the inscription to turn off the ignition when idling to reduce exhaust. According to Mr Khan, the alerts may stimulate citizens to think about air quality and take corresponding measures to protect an environment.

Indeed, the more often people get a reminder about the current air condition, the more things they can undertake to protect themselves, and they will probably think twice before taking the decision to buy a diesel car.

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